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Meet Ivan Quiñones II

Founder of El Piqasso Studio, located in Pontiac, Mi. As a child, Ivan discovered that he was blessed with a natural God-given ability to create. As an adult without any training, he learned that this God-given ability plays a significant role in my purpose. 

Emerged from the success of his Studio, Ivan found the need to ensure the upward mobility and security of future artist within the community, therefore he set forth to establish the Nonprofit (501©3) organization LAB248 which translates to Launching Artists Beyond 248.


LAB248 in support of Art Therapy for Mental Health in Pontiac, has partnered with Washington Events to Present the 2022 Wealth, Health, and Self-Care Conference

WE CARE so let us work together to make your dream fundraiser a success!

There are many organizations that cannot afford the overhead cost of large conferences or programs to boost funding in support of adequate services per their specific communities. Washington Events has positioned itself to become the liaison to supported Start-Up Crowdfunding conferences, for Michigan Membership Associations and Nonprofit Organizations.

Washington Events specifically designs conferences to help position qualified membership associations, and nonprofit organizations to be able to support consistent funding to help better their programs, run their agendas, and get exposure for their services to the citizens within the community in which they serve.


What does this program do?

This program provides funding to assist in the development of essential associations or community organizations in rural communities with extreme unemployment and severe economic depression.

An essential associations or community organization is one that provides an essential service to the local community, is needed for the orderly development of the community, serves a primarily rural area, and does not include private, commercial, or business undertakings.

Are there requirements?


  • Applicants must be unable to finance the project from their own resources and/or through commercial credit at reasonable rates and terms

  • Associations or organizations must serve the rural area where they are/will be located

  • Projects must demonstrate substantial community support

  • Background check and review must be completed and determined to be acceptable

  • Priorities are given to projects related to Health & Wellness, Financial Literacy, Diversity & Inclusion and BIPOC or Women Specific Resources

Full list of requirements to qualify

Washington Events 2022-23 Start-Up Fundraisers

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