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We Are Washington Events

Realizing Your Purpose Is Our Commitment.

Washington Events, established in 2013, is a premier full-service meeting, association management, and event planning firm based in Pontiac, Michigan. Our extensive client portfolio includes corporate, government, automotive, healthcare, and non-profit organizations. Led by President & CEO Willetrea Washington, boasting over 18 years of industry experience, we excel in executing client objectives with precision and integrity. 

Washington Events is your trusted partner in professional event planning. As specialists in corporate gatherings, conferences, and special events, we bring efficiency, expertise, and innovation to every occasion.

At Washington Events, our mission is clear: to create exceptional experiences that drive success. We understand that corporate events play a pivotal role in achieving organizational goals. Whether it's fostering connections, launching new initiatives, or celebrating achievements, we're committed to making each event memorable and impactful.

Corporate Planner

Lisa Washington, CSEM

Founder & Producer
Corporate Planner

DaQuetta Baylor

Event Director
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Tish Lewis-Turner

Business Strategist &
Project Manager | BIO
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Amyia Malloy

Social Media Manager


Choose the Plan That
Suits Your Corporation the Best


Corporate Meeting Planning

Leave it to us

Corporate meeting planning services provide clients with expertise in event organization, saving time and ensuring seamless execution through logistical management and cost-effective vendor negotiations. By customizing events to align with client objectives and branding, meeting planners enhance attendee experiences while mitigating risks and analyzing post-event feedback to continuously improve strategies for future events.


Partial planning

We’ll work on it together

Partial planning services offer clients assistance with specific aspects of event planning, such as registration, creating name badges, and booking speakers or entertainment. Clients benefit from the expertise of planners in these areas, saving time and ensuring efficient execution while allowing them to focus on other priorities. Additionally, planners negotiate favorable terms with vendors, manage logistics, and provide support to enhance the overall quality and success of the event.

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Customized event

Tailored to your purpose

Customized planning services cater to the unique needs and objectives of each client, regardless of industry or profit status. Clients benefit from tailored solutions that align with their specific goals, branding, and budget constraints. By collaborating closely with planners, clients can leverage their expertise to create memorable and impactful events that meet or exceed expectations. 

Corporate Planner
Corporate Planner

Share Your Vision With Us

We’ll Create the Best Plan For Your Purpose.

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